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I'm having trouble accessing library resources from off-campus. What can I do?

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The checklist below includes possible remedies for off-campus access problems for currently enrolled students. 

  1. Clear the browser cache. Most commonly used browsers are IE, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. Each allows the user to "clear current history" or "delete history" in the browser's settings, usually under options or tools.
  2. Are cookies enabled? Specific instructions for various browsers can be found here.
  3. Try a different browser or update the browser to most current version
  4. Is the popup blocker active? Does it block the page from loading? 
  5. Is your antivirus software blocking access?
  6. Is the firewall (especially from a work/business/corporate environment) preventing access?

For further help with off-campus access issues, contact Dan Jolley, Systems Librarian at or 704 406-2109.


See Username and Password Help for more information on usernames and passwords.