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I'm having trouble accessing library resources from off-campus. What can I do?

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The checklist below includes possible remedies for off-campus access problems for currently enrolled students.  Clear the browser cache. Most commonly used browsers are IE, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. Each allows the user to "clear current history" or "delete history" in the browser's settings, usually under options or tools. Are cookies enabled? Specific instructions for various browsers can be ... read more

Can I check out books if I'm not a GWU student or employee?

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Yes, any member of the general public over sixteen with a valid driver’s license can apply for a Community Patron Card and check out materials after his/her application has been processed and entered into the system.  Borrowers should complete a form at the Circulation Desk, present a driver’s license, and pay a $25 annual fee. (Carolina Theological Library Consortium students may apply for a free ... read more

How do I renew my books?

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Items can be renewed by signing in (using the Sign In button in the top right of any online catalog page) with your Gardner-Webb username and password and then choosing My Account or by accessing  Items can also be brought back to the library Circulation Desk to be renewed.   Items checked out from the library can be renewed an unlimited number of ti ... read more

How do I search for a specific journal?

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On the Library's home page, click the Journal Titles link in the More Search Options section below the Bulldog OneSearch search box:   Type the journal title in the search box and click on Search.   By clicking on the Full Text Access link, you are given all the options for obtaining articles from this journal in full text.  Databases include years of coverage, including any delays in access.  S ... read more

How do I print in the library?

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We have two new printers located on the main floor of the library that will allow you to print multiple documents at a time.  The directions are posted on the wall behind the printers.  Here are those directions:   1.    Swipe your ID or use the keyboard function to put in your WebbConnect information. For community patrons, ask one of the workers at the circulation desk for the community card to ... read more

Where can I find citation style guides?

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Visit the Citation Guides Libguide for excellent information on the major citation styles used at Gardner-Webb University.     Another great online resource for citation resources is Purdue OWL.   The library houses physical copies of citation manuals on a special shelf in the Reference section on the main floor. These resources must be used in the library.   You can also make an appointment w ... read more

My username and password are not working when I try to access the library databases.  What do I do?

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Verify that your username and password are correct by going to the WebbConnect login page, and click the "Click here to get username and password" link.   If you encounter an issue with retrieving your username and password please contact Tech Services at 704-406-4647 from 8 am until 5 pm Monday-Friday.  

I am a distance student.  How do I request a book?

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Distance students can request materials to be mailed to their home address through the Interlibrary Loan service. Click the Interlibrary Loan link in the middle of the library's homepage to review instructions and log in.        

Does the library have textbooks for my classes?

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No, due to limited resources, we cannot purchase for our collection all textbooks used in GWU courses. The Campus Bookstore sells textbooks for your classes and is available online to order books. It is located in the Tucker Student Center.   Here are some other options for you to try:   Check to see if the textbook is on reserve for your class:  Some professors may put a personal copy of the ... read more

I graduated from Gardner-Webb a couple of years ago. Do I have lifetime access to the Library’s resources and databases?

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Your access to electronic resources via the library is limited to the period when you are enrolled or employed at the university.  As an alumnus, you do retain privileges of checking out books as well as using the library’s guest computers.  To check out books, you must obtain a library card.  Alumni are not required to pay the $25 fee, but do need to have some verfication that they've graduated. ... read more

How do I search Bulldog OneSearch?

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Use Bulldog OneSearch to search for articles, books, and more on your topic.  For instructions on how to search in Bulldog OneSearch, view the Bulldog OneSearch slideshow tutorials, or video tutorials.

What are check-out periods for library materials?

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FACULTY, STAFF, AND STUDENTS: There is no limit to the number of main collection items that can be checked out.   Loan Period Fines Main collection 3 weeks $0.25 per day Circulation Laptop 3 hours $5.00 per hour 3-Day Reserve (2 items) 72 hours $5.00 per day 1-Day Reserve (2 items) 24 hours $5.00 per day 3-Hour Reserve (2 items) 3 hours $0.50 p ... read more

What are the main sections of the Library of Congress Classification?

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Listed below are the letters and titles of the main classes of the Library of Congress Classification. Click on any class to view an outline of its subclasses. The files are also available for downloading in WordPerfect format (noted as WP version) and in Word format (noted as Word version).   A -- GENERAL WORKS - WP version - Word version B -- PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY. RELIGION - WP version -  ... read more

How do I cite Bible Commentaries?

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In addition to using our Citation Guides LibGuide, another good place to find citation examples for the Bible and other biblical resources is You may also find information in our Department of Religious Studies & Philosophy's style guide.

Where do I find Bible Commentaries?

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Most of our Bible Commentaries are located in the BS section of the Reference area on the main floor and must be used in the library.  A few commentaries may be available in the general collection and can be checked out. Some Bible Commentaries are also avaliable online in e-book format. We also recommend that you use our database called Ministry Matters.  Please check out our video in our Video ... read more

I need help with Microsoft Word formatting

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Word tutorials and videos are available in the Microsoft Office Training Center.

How do I search the catalog?

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Go to the library’s homepage and click on the Search the Catalog link in the More Search Options section under the Bulldog OneSearch search box.   Click on Advanced Search under the search box to set search parameters such as Title, Author, or Keyword For more information on searching the library's catalog, view our Catalog - Locating Books and eBooks video tutorial.

Does the library offer exam proctoring?

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The GWU library does not offer proctoring services, but other area schools such as Cleveland Community College do.  Visit their Test Proctoring page for more information.

Can I place an Interlibrary Loan on an eBook?

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We do not lend or borrow eBooks. For more information on Interlibrary Loans, visit our ILL LibGuide or call Kevin Bridges at 704-406-3050.  

How do I find a permalink?

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In EBSCO resources, the permalink is included in the right navigation bar at the article or book screen.     The permalink will appear at the top of the next page -     Copy this link into your document so your reader can view this article. Off-campus users will have to sign in with their WebbConnect username and password.   Non-EBSCO resources may include the permalink on some other area o ... read more

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