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Does the library have scanners?

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Yes.  There are two flatbed scanners at the computer stations on the main floor.  There are also two Konica copiers that will scan multiple pages at a time.  To use these machines, use the following instructions:


1.    Swipe your ID or use the keyboard function to put in your WebbConnect information.


2.     Press “MENU.”


3.    Acknowledge (OK) that you have no print jobs.


4.    Select Scan/Fax and either place your sheet on the glass under the cover (face down) or in the sheet feeder on top of the copier (face up)


5.    Press the blue “START” key.


6.    Your pages will now scan.


7. Select the email me buttom to email the scan to yourself. Scans can only be emailed to GWU affiliates.


8.    When finished, press the “ACCESS” key and select “LOG OFF” to log out of the printer.