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Where can I find corporate tax rates, dividend tax rates, capital gains tax rates and personal income/individual tax rates for all countries for certain years?

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World-wide is an excellent site for World Tax Rates for current year.  The information is listed under each country name and gives: 


1.  Individual, Corporate and Sales tax rates, listed at the top of each country page

2.  Capital Gains and Dividend tax rates, if available, are found in the text of the country page. 

3.  There is one Historical Tax Rates page, but it covers only Individual, Corporate and Sales tax rates for 2009-2010.


Ernst & Young published Worldwide Corporate Tax Guide and Directory  which has "Foreign and U.S. Corporate Income and Withholding Tax Rates.”  Order through Interlibrary Loan.


Deloitte & Touche published Corporate and Withholding Tax Rates Between Major Trading Nations.  Order through Interlibrary Loan.